4 Eye-Opening Reasons to buy (and wear) non padded bras

Almost every day, I talk to women about underwear. One of the most common questions I hear them ask (or read them type) about a bra is, “is it padded ?”

It may seem like padded and/or pushup bras, are the only styles to wear if you want the rounder, lifted look to your breasts but this is simply not true. You probably don’t believe me, so if you want to know why, keep scrolling. 🙂

PS, these apply to not just bras, but all lingerie with actual structured cups. 

1. Support: Contrary to what you might have heard, the layers of “foam” in a bra are not really what lifts your boobs. That amazing engineering feat is performed by the underwire (annoying little bugger) and the band of the bra. So, the right size of an unpadded bra will fit you just as well as a padded bra AND lift those babies. A lot of you ladies are plus size/full bust and YES this applies to you too.

Curvy couture intimates Unlined bra worn by @therealshannonmcdowell in a 46G. 

2. Comfort: Non padded bras might just be more comfortable than padded bras, in my very humble opinion. There’s no unyielding cage trapping your boobies. It’s more of a gentle pushing in the right direction. Also, your skin gets to breathe. Leaving you less hot and sweaty underneath your clothes.

Sheer dream by Scantilly

3. Natural look : Padding can leave you weirdly shaped as your boobs are being forced into whatever shape the bra style is. Some clothes may look better with a little extra something underneath them but most clothes, in the right size, look best without. I think.

Fran bra set by Adina Reay

4. Style: Non padded bras generally come in more styles and fabrics than padded alternatives. Flirtier, more “fun” prints and embroidery, the never fading beauty of sheer mesh and lace, stunning embroidery, you name it.

Bra by Studio Pia

Finally, i just want to say, padded bras do have their perks, preventing nipple slips and all that, but their non padded counterparts can lift and shape your boobs just as well. It all comes down to right sizing, patience, and the will to find the perfect bra.

I would love to know your take on the padded vs. unpadded bra dilemma. What kind do you prefer? Any particular reason why? Let me know in the comments. 

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Thanks for reading, Nehita.


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